How I Will Make My Mark

Dot Day is the start of a reflective journey for my students.  It is a time for Peter Reynolds to join our class and introduce my students to the magic of his penmanship.  It is not just a day for us.  It is a beginning.  Oh, the inspiration that transpires!  The curiosity that ignites!  The true desire for more… “just one more of his books, please Mrs. Nan!”  He always leaves a mark on every one of them.  Here is an account of the true inspiration that one book can gift to a child…

I will make my mark by being honest.  If you are honest, it will make a big impact on the world.You will be a leader.  To be honest is a good thing so you get in less trouble.  Honest is a good because people will feel you are trustworthy.  Honest is good because people will believe you.  I will make my mark on the world by being honest.  -Roman A.

I will make my mark by being a good friend.  Then other people will be kind.  So people will want to be your friend.  I will do this so other people don’t feel lonely and that they have someone to go to when they have a bad day. -Jayde T.

I will make my mark on the world by being helpful because you could make a lot more friends.  Helping friends is fun because they could become best friends for life.  It’s really good to help because helping could make you better friends.  They can help you and you can help them.  -Abby M.

I will make my mark by being kind.  It makes others feel good inside.  It also helps to make friends.  Treat others well because you want to be friends .  It is always best if you are kind.  -Braydon H.

I will make my mark by being kind so that I can make lots of new friends.  The more I am kind, the more my friends will be kind.  Being kind can change the world for everyone.  If you want friends, be kind like me!  -Emma H.




Costume Challenge

I think that my teacher should be a pirate for Halloween.  She has a friend named Dave Burgess.  She likes “Talk Like A Pirate Day”.  That’s why she has the hat on in the picture.  She even had Dave read to us.  That is why she has the boat with the sail.  Dave even said she was a true pirate! – Michael C.

I think that my teacher should be a donut and coffee because she loves to drink coffee and go to Starbucks.  She also likes sweet treats and a donut costume is a sweet treat.  She is very silly and always has fun with students that are in her class.  I also thought she would like it because it is cute, detailed, and very colorful! -Madeline E.

I think that my teacher should be a unicorn for Halloween.  I made this costume for my teacher because she deserves to be a unicorn.  Unicorns would not be scared.  Unicorns are cute so that is why I picked that costume.  Unicorns are pretty because they have blue, purple, pink, and red violet.  Unicorns are my favorite animal because they are cute.  The costume is going to look good on my teacher.  Mrs. Nan would be awesome in the unicorn costume.  -Emily D.

I think that Mrs. Nan should be a Pittsburgh Penguin girl.  I think that she should be a Penguin girl because she likes the Penguins.  She goes to games even on work nights.  I picked Penguin girl for Mrs. Nan because I like the Penguins also.  I always go to games even on school nights.  I picked this costume because the Pittsburgh Penguins are really good.  They won five Stanley Cups!  If Mrs. Nan wears this costume I think it will look good.  -Karsten K.

I think that Mrs. Nan should be a dragon for Halloween.  Why?  Because dragons are cool, strong, tough, magical, and very sneaky.  Yep, I said sneaky.  Mrs. Nan always surprises us and she is sneaky about it.  Mrs. Nan is strong, like never gives up and when I say never I mean never gives up.  Dragons can do a lot of cool things #LikeMrsNan.  So it would be cool for Mrs. Nan to be a dragon for Halloween.  #Awesome  -Emma H.


Distinguished Young Woman

Guest Blog Post by Nina Wygant

What is DYW? DYW stands for the most Distinguished Young  Woman of Beaver County award. The most distinguished young woman of 2018 was Alexis Ozimok. To win, first you have to fill out a form.  If you pass then you’ll have to have an interview.  After that you learn a fitness routine for the show.  Next, you pick a talent that you have to perform at the show.  When the show day comes you do the fitness routine and your talent while the judges rate you and the others’ performances. Image result for distinguished Young Women of beaver countyThe second half is for the last year girls’ performance.  The following year you get to perform during the second half.  Lauren Ostrom won the most Distinguished Young Woman of 2019 award.

IMG_4726I was in the second half of the performance with Alexis Ozimok.  She had to pick her little sister, but she didn’t have one so she had to pick someone just like her.  I was chosen to be her “little sister” or her little.  For the show we did a dance routine to “Count on me” by Bruno Mars.  After the performance the girls had to announce the college their going to and their major.  Then they announce their little’s favorite color, name, and a few other things.  When all that is over, last year’s winner gives a speech which in this case was Alexis.

Guest Blog Post: Nina


I like music because the rhythm seems to represent a feeling. For example, when a song is high pitched and fast it sounds happy. When a song is low pitched and slow it sounds sad. When the feeling is mixed, it creates new feelings like anger and confusion. When the words of a song are mixed with the rhythm, the feeling becomes bolder making it easier to identify. I can never stay angry or sad with music on. When music is on I can only  feel relief and happiness even when the feeling of the song is anger or frustration. When I play chords on the piano it’s so relaxing. Music stops the silence and sets a mood.                         

By: Nina/3rd Grade/Mrs. Ozimok’s Class     

An Opportunity to do Something AMAZING!

Mrs.Nan has given us an opportunity to do something AMAZING! She has made us who we are now because she empowers us to keep going with our learning, what we are passionate about, and what we love and treasure.  She made us believe we could do it and we did.  She has made us better learners.  When she won this award she inspired us to do something AMAZING!  Thank you so much Mrs.Nan!

Mrs. Nan won Chevron Steelers Leaders in the Classroom Week 1

Mrs. Nan gave us these opportunities:

She let us make our websites to share and help kids who need extra at attention in a certain subject.

She lets us blog on our website, the classroom’s website and as a guest through her website.

She gives us time to use our voice and when we have voice and choice time she always has technology for us to work on all of this.

She inspired us to make our mark on this world and we want you to do it too.

Keep on going, never give up, and make your mark on this world.

Amelia & Jacob

Mrs. Nan Note: Can you tell by their title that George Couros, author of Innovator’s Mindset, is a huge part of our world! 

Passion and Learning


I am passionate about the website that I made with my friend Amelia.  We have permission to make and create whatever we want on the website.  Mrs. Nan had a talk with our computer teacher Mrs. Daley and she said we should use because you get to create whatever you want for free.  With this website we can create our own style that we want it to be. Also we can make links to stuff that even goes to another website. The topic of our website is math.  We can do rocket math and printable sheets too. We can learn the stuff when we set it up so they can be better learners.

-Jacob Z.


We enjoy making this website because it helps kids learn math, reading, and spelling.  We want kids to be able to have fun but still learn in an appropriate way.

What can you do on there?

You can play games and print out worksheets to do.  If you have any questions you can also gmail us.  Just doing this website is something that is passionate to us.  It is fun to work with all our teachers.   Our computer teacher, Mrs. Daley helped us get this website up and going.  She teaches us how to work on our website and organize the icons.  

-Amelia M.

We Are The Change!

Let’s follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s lead… let’s design our blueprint: OUR VOICE! OUR CHOICE! We are CHANGE AGENTS!

  1. Believe In Yourself
  2. Be Fearless
  3. Fight For Yourself
  4. Keep Moving
  5. Follow Your Morals
  6. Act Now
  7. Be Determined to Achieve Excellence
  8. Stay True to Principals
  9. Stand for Something

Join us… create your very own blueprint!  Send us your blueprint and we will share on our website!  Will it be a sketch-note? A writing? A drawing? An iMovie? A blog?  We can’t wait to see! or

Simply CLICK HERE to be the first one to leave a reflection on our NEW Class Flip Grid! 

Ingenious Lab 10 Day Challenge

Who would have ever thought that a 10 day school challenge would take weeks?  Well, between delays, snow days, and the weekends our challenge surpassed 10 days.  But hey, that is a good thing!  Acts of kindness can be spontaneous and that is fabulous, but every once in awhile you need to shift your mindset from me me me to others and that is what we intentionally did after the holidays.


Our challenge was pretty simple, but the math and impact behind it was profound.   One person can make a difference with just one act of kindness so what about 10?   Can you imagine what would happen if all 27 participated?  Oh yes, the Ingenious Lab students took on this challenge with a goal of 10 in mind.  Most met that goal, while others crushed it, and in the end over 300 people had a moment of Pure Goodness come from 27 caring hearts.

Let us inspire you with some of our simple acts:

shoveled snow

did chores without being asked

opened a door

gave a hug

did the laundry

washed dishes

bought someone’s groceries

made a card for someone

donated toys

gave away some trading cards

taught someone to do something that they couldn’t 

took out trash


The list goes on and on.  So what can you do?  We challenge YOU to be the difference.  Pure Goodness in this world CAN and WILL make a difference! Always remember K is for KIND and that is the universal language we can all interpret!  Now go out and spread the kindness one act at a time!



What do you mean one word Mrs. Nan?  Just one?  Yes, just one…

one that will take you on a journey for the next 365 days.  One that will transform your thinking.  One that will create moments of growth.  One that is destined to give you opportunities for a different mindset.  One that will exude your goodness as you pass my 3rd grade door on the first day of 4th grade this fall.  One word… just one!

Here are a few of the many words our class chose for 2018:

SHINE: “Shine like a star and stand out.  Everyone is different.  No one is the same.  For example never give up and try your best.  Be your self because everyone is already taken (I think she noticed a quote on my door -Oscar Wilde).  Shine means be yourself and don’t back down.” 

CREATIVE: “Creative is the word that would tell a lot about me like I love to build, make, and draw.  It would be the best word I could pick and a very good word to make a sketch note for my word to have.” 

SMILE: “I pick smile because when I walk around in school and outside of school and outside of my home I see 75% of the people not smiling enough and I really want to look over and say why don’t you smile more?  It would make your life way easier and you would have a better day.  I personally think smiling more just makes me more positive and makes me more confident on a test.” 

GOALS“It is like you are moving to new levels after completing your goals.  This year I am going to set goals for myself to keep growing myself to get better.  It is like soccer when you are getting goals to compete in the game and win.” 

HELPFUL: “Because poor kids and adults need help so I want to donate to the poor.  I want to help now so we can go to heaven one day and have a good time.” 

ENGAGED: “I want to engage into focusing on what is happening in the moment so I don’t have to go back and say to myself, What was it that I was working on?” 

KIND: “Being kind feels good.  I think kind is a word for everyone.  Everyone needs to be kind so others will feel better.  People will treat people better and people will feel happy.”    

UNDERSTANDPeople leave me out when we do group work and I think that if they understood me maybe it could change.  When they leave me out I just want to quit because it hurts.  It truly does.” 

DISCIPLINED“I would like to make my parents proud of me.  I want to do something that they do not have to tell me to do.  I can set the table or help clean up without them telling me.” 

RISE: “When I feel down I always tell myself, rise up happiness and set down sadness.  When I say these words I get super happy.” IMG_3313

CLICK HERE to see Mrs. Nan’s #OneWord2018

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