A Tribute to Ben Franklin

Life without Ben Franklin would be terrible.  If he didn’t invent all of his very useful inventions, we would be in BIG TROUBLE. 

Life without firefighters would be VERY bad because if there were fires somewhere we wouldn’t be able to put them out as easily and then the fire would spread all over the place.

Life without lightning rods would be AWFUL. If lightning strikes it causes fires and that brings us back to the firefighters and if they didn’t exist then nobody would be able to put out the fire from the lightning.

Life without insurance would be extremely TERRIBLE because then if I break a bone my parents would not be able to have insurance to pay for me to get it fixed!

If Ben’s inventions did not exist our life would be VERY HARD!!

-Brady, age 9


Making My Mark with Responsibility

The way I will make my mark on the world is by being responsible for my actions. I will be responsible at home. I will do my chores. I will clean up the kitchen, make my bed, put my stuffed animals back, fold my blankets and even put them back where they belong. I can also pick up my dolls. When my mom or dad says “Go do your work ” I have to listen to them. I will also be responsible at school. I will also do Lexia and Freckle because they help me to be responsible for my learning. When Mrs.Nan is talking I should respect her by listening. When she is trying to teach others I should listen because it is important for learning. I will be responsible for my actions and show kindness to my family, friends and teachers.

-Makenzie, age 8

How I Will Make My Mark

The way I will make my mark on the world is by showing positivity. I can show positivity by cheering somebody up if they are sad. I can play with someone if they don’t have anyone to play with. I will show positivity by never giving up. I can show positivity by not saying I can’t do it and instead I will say I can do it! I can show positivity by not telling someone that they can’t do it and in place of that I will cheer them on. 

-Braxton, age 8

The Importance of School

School is important for many reasons. It is important because you have to know how to add to know how to drive, cook, and work.  School is important because you have to know how to do math.  

School is important because you have to subtract to order food and to count money. School is important because you have to know multiplication to count money faster and more effective.

School is important because you have to know division to divide money equally in pairs of one hundred. School is important because you have to know how to read and write to work at a book factory.

School is important because you have to know carrying to get better at facts and make them easier. School is important to know how to listen so you can listen to your coaches speaking at soccer, football, baseball, and basketball.

-Richie, age 8

Kindness Makes Its Mark On the World

I will make my mark on the world by being kind to others all around me. I will play with kids that I don’t know or that don’t have someone to play with at recess. I will practice softball to become a better player because that shows kindness to my coaches and my parents. I will be kind to my teacher by showing respect. I will not talk when she is talking. I will not be bossy to other people because it is rude. I will listen to my parents when they ask me to do something because it is kind and shows respect. Kindness to others will help me make my mark on the world!

-Gianna, age 8

Making My Mark

The way I will make my mark on the world is with integrity.  I will do the right thing even when no one is looking. When I go in the woods by myself I will be responsible.  I will do this by picking up after myself and not littering. If I am with a friend I need to be nice to them. If I find something in the woods I will leave it alone.  I will never hurt an animal or its habitat.  I will always make my mark on the world!

-Fiona Zelechowski  

The Weekend With Emma

As soon as I woke up I ate breakfast. After breakfast I watched TV for about 20 minutes. Then I got prepared for hockey around 10:00. We left and traveled to a place called Ice Castle. I explored and even bought slushies. Then it was time for hockey.  I got dressed up and went out on the ice. We played a lot of games like sharks and minnows, freeze tag, and real hockey. My team won ⅚ times. Then we went to Wendy’s. I woke up again and ate bacon. My mom got home from work and took me shopping for my Valentine’s Day box. Then we went to Burger King. When we got home my dad and I played in the snow. Then I hung out all night.  

-Emma H, age 9

Abby’s Busy Night

Yesterday was busy! When I first came home from church I watched my iPad for a little bit. I like to watch movies on Netflix. Then we left for my grandparents’ house. When I got there I played with their dog Macho. He followed me everywhere in the house. He did a trick that I taught him. He is a good dog. When we left we went to get my haircut. After that we went to my youth group class at church and played crazy games. It is really fun! Then I came home after youth group and played with my cats. I have two cats named Chewy and Frosty. Chewy is 3 and Frosty is 2. They are really cute. I also played with Bosc before I went to bed. Bosc is my brother’s pet bearded dragon. He can grow up to 2 feet! Last, I went into my bedroom and watched television. Finally, I went to bed. I had a very busy night! Abby, age 9

After School With Christian

I like to do different things when I am at home. I watch different things on my phone.  I like to watch YouTube, Netflix, and Voodoo. On Netflix I can watch my favorite movie Androids.  I play games on my phone as well. Some games that I play are ROBLOX and Fortnite. Sometimes I make dinner.   I help make baked potatoes. I cut the potatoes up and place them on a baking sheet. I even help make hamburgers and grill them.  I play with my sisters and my dogs. My favorite game that I play with my sisters is UNO. One time it took us almost 5 hours to finish a game!  My dogs’ names are Neko and Milo. They love to play tug-a-war. I like building LEGO structures. I make Minecraft and Ninjago. I also like to create with origami.  I created a flower for my mom, a wrestling picture frame for my father, and claws for my fingers.

Christian Chalmers, age 9


Hopewell Elementary, Hopewell Area School District #Nan3EDU


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