Abby’s Busy Night

Yesterday was busy! When I first came home from church I watched my iPad for a little bit. I like to watch movies on Netflix. Then we left for my grandparents’ house. When I got there I played with their dog Macho. He followed me everywhere in the house. He did a trick that I taught him. He is a good dog. When we left we went to get my haircut. After that we went to my youth group class at church and played crazy games. It is really fun! Then I came home after youth group and played with my cats. I have two cats named Chewy and Frosty. Chewy is 3 and Frosty is 2. They are really cute. I also played with Bosc before I went to bed. Bosc is my brother’s pet bearded dragon. He can grow up to 2 feet! Last, I went into my bedroom and watched television. Finally, I went to bed. I had a very busy night! Abby, age 9

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