How I Will Make My Mark

Dot Day is the start of a reflective journey for my students.  It is a time for Peter Reynolds to join our class and introduce my students to the magic of his penmanship.  It is not just a day for us.  It is a beginning.  Oh, the inspiration that transpires!  The curiosity that ignites!  The true desire for more… “just one more of his books, please Mrs. Nan!”  He always leaves a mark on every one of them.  Here is an account of the true inspiration that one book can gift to a child…

I will make my mark by being honest.  If you are honest, it will make a big impact on the world.You will be a leader.  To be honest is a good thing so you get in less trouble.  Honest is a good because people will feel you are trustworthy.  Honest is good because people will believe you.  I will make my mark on the world by being honest.  -Roman A.

I will make my mark by being a good friend.  Then other people will be kind.  So people will want to be your friend.  I will do this so other people don’t feel lonely and that they have someone to go to when they have a bad day. -Jayde T.

I will make my mark on the world by being helpful because you could make a lot more friends.  Helping friends is fun because they could become best friends for life.  It’s really good to help because helping could make you better friends.  They can help you and you can help them.  -Abby M.

I will make my mark by being kind.  It makes others feel good inside.  It also helps to make friends.  Treat others well because you want to be friends .  It is always best if you are kind.  -Braydon H.

I will make my mark by being kind so that I can make lots of new friends.  The more I am kind, the more my friends will be kind.  Being kind can change the world for everyone.  If you want friends, be kind like me!  -Emma H.



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