Costume Challenge

I think that my teacher should be a pirate for Halloween.  She has a friend named Dave Burgess.  She likes “Talk Like A Pirate Day”.  That’s why she has the hat on in the picture.  She even had Dave read to us.  That is why she has the boat with the sail.  Dave even said she was a true pirate! – Michael C.

I think that my teacher should be a donut and coffee because she loves to drink coffee and go to Starbucks.  She also likes sweet treats and a donut costume is a sweet treat.  She is very silly and always has fun with students that are in her class.  I also thought she would like it because it is cute, detailed, and very colorful! -Madeline E.

I think that my teacher should be a unicorn for Halloween.  I made this costume for my teacher because she deserves to be a unicorn.  Unicorns would not be scared.  Unicorns are cute so that is why I picked that costume.  Unicorns are pretty because they have blue, purple, pink, and red violet.  Unicorns are my favorite animal because they are cute.  The costume is going to look good on my teacher.  Mrs. Nan would be awesome in the unicorn costume.  -Emily D.

I think that Mrs. Nan should be a Pittsburgh Penguin girl.  I think that she should be a Penguin girl because she likes the Penguins.  She goes to games even on work nights.  I picked Penguin girl for Mrs. Nan because I like the Penguins also.  I always go to games even on school nights.  I picked this costume because the Pittsburgh Penguins are really good.  They won five Stanley Cups!  If Mrs. Nan wears this costume I think it will look good.  -Karsten K.

I think that Mrs. Nan should be a dragon for Halloween.  Why?  Because dragons are cool, strong, tough, magical, and very sneaky.  Yep, I said sneaky.  Mrs. Nan always surprises us and she is sneaky about it.  Mrs. Nan is strong, like never gives up and when I say never I mean never gives up.  Dragons can do a lot of cool things #LikeMrsNan.  So it would be cool for Mrs. Nan to be a dragon for Halloween.  #Awesome  -Emma H.


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