An Opportunity to do Something AMAZING!

Mrs.Nan has given us an opportunity to do something AMAZING! She has made us who we are now because she empowers us to keep going with our learning, what we are passionate about, and what we love and treasure.  She made us believe we could do it and we did.  She has made us better learners.  When she won this award she inspired us to do something AMAZING!  Thank you so much Mrs.Nan!

Mrs. Nan won Chevron Steelers Leaders in the Classroom Week 1

Mrs. Nan gave us these opportunities:

She let us make our websites to share and help kids who need extra at attention in a certain subject.

She lets us blog on our website, the classroom’s website and as a guest through her website.

She gives us time to use our voice and when we have voice and choice time she always has technology for us to work on all of this.

She inspired us to make our mark on this world and we want you to do it too.

Keep on going, never give up, and make your mark on this world.

Amelia & Jacob

Mrs. Nan Note: Can you tell by their title that George Couros, author of Innovator’s Mindset, is a huge part of our world! 

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